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Who needs a Business Analyst anymore?

Is it time to kill off the role of the Business Analyst? - by Mark Waddilove, Feb 28, 2019
BA evolution
In order to answer this we need to roll back the delivery clock and understand why we had them in the first place, here’s my story...
20 years ago I moved into delivering business type projects (ecommerce). As normal I would start to put together the team that had the skills to deliver. It soon became obvious that I needed more representation within the project from the business side to deliver a successful outcome.

In the Beginning…
So what did we do before we had BAs?
The Dark Ages
Back in the dark days we just decided to write software based on a very short brief from the business. Don’t be silly! Why do we need to talk to users (the business people!)

Cyber crime - is your firm safe?

How your firm can protect themselves - by Ben Harris, Jan 30, 2019
streamline cybersecurity
Law firms are a gold mine of data, holding detailed personal information, company dealings and juicy details on high profile individuals - rich pickings if this should fall into the wrong hands. 11 million files were leaked during the Panama Papers breach, so what would happen to your firm if your information was suddenly in the public domain.
Scary isn't it?
The really scary thing is failing to take any action, there are things you can do today to make your firm more secure. In our legaltech 2019 trends article we talked about cybersecurity becoming the wrapper around all of your project endeavours, but it's not just technology.

2019 Technology Trends

What's coming up in legaltech for the year ahead? - by Ben Harris, Jan 8, 2019
2019 is likely to be a challenging year for the legal sector particularly in the use of technology, with the big 4 accountancy firms expanding their legal service offerings and clients expecting more than ever from their lawyers. Firms who are able to make efficient and productive use of technology are in a better position to face these challenges in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market place. Clients and staff are now demanding that firms provide the tools to make their experience smoother and more efficient, whether that be portals for conveyancing, paperless communications or automated production of court bundles.
So where should law firms focus their efforts in 2019 to drive profitability and efficiencies? Here is our take on the key areas you can't afford to ignore this year...

2018 - How was it for you?

Five key lessons Streamline Legal took from 2018 - by Kelly Weber, Dec 31, 2018
As we start getting ready for 2019 it's an opportunity to reflect back over the last few months and what we have achieved. Like all good project managers we wanted to capture and share our lessons learnt so that when we start back in the New Year, we can build on those lessons, reusing what worked well and avoiding things that did not work so well next time.
We officially launched Streamline in September this year and it has been a full-on experience! The shift from employee to entrepreneur requires a mindset adjustment, in a small team you need to do everything - from making the tea through to delivering pitches for major clients. So what did we learn along the way?

Is it good to talk?

Communication pitfalls to avoid when delivering business transformation - by Kelly Weber, Oct 12, 2018
There are many articles I have read recently about the importance of communication, the essential ingredient in your business transformation. This is not new news, many organisations rightly put a strong emphasis on communication when planning a big change - so why does it go wrong?
I have a few ideas, let me know if there are others you have seen...

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