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Our Services

delivery accelerator
Delivery Accelerator - We offer an end to end project delivery service from start-up through to post go-live support. We take on the responsibility for your project and the specialist skills you need to deliver this, including co-ordination and management of your other suppliers, as needed.
Our flexible approach is focussed around delivery − we work closely with your legal and support teams to understand what your business needs and how your people work. You can choose how and when you get involved. Allowing your teams to get involved in testing and piloting new systems enables you to see results quickly and understand how the solution works for your wider business, providing the opportunity to make adjustments before full rollout.
We work closely with you and provide regular updates allowing you to keep a watching brief, giving you time back to get on with your day job.
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Skills Boost - If you are planning to manage your project or programme delivery in-house, we can provide additional support as needed. We offer specialist skills to supplement your team or can take on delivery of discrete packages of work. This additional boost can make all the difference when trying to keep your project on track.
Our flexible approach can help you manage the resource profile through project peaks and troughs and reduce overall costs as you only have the staff you need, when you need them.
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skills boost
Technical Toolkit - We can manage your technical implementations from initial planning through to cutover and can provide support to your legal teams to help them get up and running quickly in the early stages.
Our detailed technical implementation planning considers the cutover approach, integration with existing systems, systems monitoring, testing and early life support. We work closely with your suppliers to understand the product and technology requirements, and plan for how it will be deployed and supported in the short and longer term.
Our experience implementing complex integration projects has informed our approach and ensures that you get the benefits.
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Business Accelerator - We can manage your business transformation. The key to our approach is user engagement - every step of the way. We start by working with you to understand your business, your organisation, structure and teams. We set up working groups to ensure all parts of your business, and the roles within it are represented, to ensure the solution has considered all needs.
Setting your user expectations correctly is a focus area. You can expect to encounter some bumps along the road as you introduce significant business change, so plan for it. Involving your legal teams in workshops, testing, early adoption and training, enables them to feel part of the change and can provide early champions to influence and support their teams.
We put communication at the core of this approach to ensure your users are engaged and able to embrace the change.
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business accelerator
benefits  boost
Benefits Boost - Why isn't your new solution delivering the benefits you expect? This scenario can not only be frustrating to your Board, but also across the business. We can work with you to fix this. We start with understanding what benefits you expected to gain, if they changed during the project delivery, and examining what your supplier has delivered.
We can assess your systems set-up, work with your legal and support teams to ensure the configuration is correct, reports are producing the information you expect, and that users are using the system in the right way for optimal benefits.
By working with your teams to identify where improvements can be made we can help you get the most from your new system. By adopting this approach, you can extend the lifecycle of your product and ensure you maximise the return on your investment.
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Healthcheck - When faced with multiple challenges around project delivery, business change or legacy systems, what burning issue do you tackle first? We can come in and work with you to quickly perform an initial assessment and provide you with recommendations to get you back on track. This could take the form of a recovery plan to provide your Board with guidance on the best course of action.
Armed with this information you can decide what delivers the best results for you, we can provide as much support and guidance as you need. If you then decide to engage us to help deliver some of these changes for you, we will be off to a fast start as we understand your business and the challenges you face.
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