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Is it good to talk?

Communication pitfalls to avoid when delivering business transformation - by Kelly Weber, Oct 12, 2018
I'm not listening
There are many articles I have read recently about the importance of communication, the essential ingredient in your business transformation. This is not new news, many organisations rightly put a strong emphasis on communication when planning a big change - so why does it go wrong?
I have a few ideas, let me know if there are others you have seen...
Putting a positive spin on things, change is coming, it's a good thing - right? Usually in the long term yes, but in the short term there could be confusion, frustration, disappointment and even anger. Getting used to a new system or process requires an adjustment period and we need to set users' expectations accordingly. So tell your team all the great things that are coming their way, but also let them know about the short term impacts and how you plan to support them through this.
Communicate, communicate, communicate, tell them too much and users stop listening. It is possible to over-communicate, so plan your communications wisely. A good plan will consider the different audiences, how to communicate with them and how to time your communications appropriately. Too much communication will switch your users off at a time when you really need them to be engaged. So ensure you run your communications plan past some helpful users, they can give you some pointers as to what will work best for them.
Radio silence, you start implementing your communications plan, everything is going great, then the project hits an obstacle and no-one wants to share bad news. Users are mystified why everything has gone quiet, the project is then impacted by speculation and people lose faith in the team. Wouldn't some honest communication be refreshing - yes things aren't going as we planned and this is what we are doing about it. Treat your audience as adult- they can handle the truth and will respect you for telling it.
At Streamline we know that communication plays a key role in successfully transforming a business, we ensure that it is timely, targeted and transparent to maximise benefits for both the business and end users.

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