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2018 - How was it for you?

Five key lessons Streamline took from 2018 - by Kelly Weber, Dec 31, 2018
2018 streamline review
As we start getting ready for 2019 it's an opportunity to reflect back over the last few months and what we have achieved. Like all good project managers we wanted to capture and share our lessons learnt so that when we start back in the New Year, we can build on those lessons, reusing what worked well and avoiding things that did not work so well next time.
We officially launched Streamline in September this year and it has been a full-on experience! The shift from employee to entrepreneur requires a mindset adjustment, in a small team you need to do everything - from making the tea through to delivering pitches for major clients. So what did we learn along the way? flexible

It's fair to say our offerings and services have changed since we first came up with the idea for Streamline, partly in response to better understanding the market place and through gaining a deeper understanding of what would help our clients most. We are in the business of change, so being prepared to refine our ideas, or sometimes throw them out the window in favour of something different, is something we are getting better at.

...relationships are fundamental

We have been blown away by the help, support and encouragement of members of the legal IT community, inviting us to events, offering help and even sharing their office space. We have focussed on building up a network of partners, people we like to work with who share our values, to work with in 2019. This is something we will continue to nurture and grow, the partners are a great source of inspiration to us and together we can deliver great solutions for our clients. your values

One of the first things that was important to us was to establish the values and ethics of Streamline. In the early days we were asked to deliver a solution that was not really fit for purpose but had been suggested in order to save money. Despite really wanting to work with the client, we all agreed not to - we knew the solution was not going to work well for the business longer term and could possibly be harmful to our relationship and to Streamline's reputation. In this situation the client has respected our integrity and we continue to work with them in other areas. bold

One of the skills we have all needed to grow has been selling - ourselves, Streamline and our offerings. Establishing a presence - both digitally and with the right people at the right events is an essential part of our strategy. Positive change very often means pushing the boundaries and is sometimes essential to grow or prepare your firm for the future, something we encourage our clients to also do.

...enjoy yourself

Some days are harder than others, but one of the reasons we set up Streamline is because we enjoy working together. We have had highs and lows since we set up the business but ensuring that we also find enjoyment in what we do is what keeps us going. Making the time to have fun and give back to our communities is something we intend to continue in the New Year.

...and finally

Here's a thought, why not conduct your own retrospective? Think about what you achieved this year, what went well and what do you want to do differently next year? With the pressure for progress it can be tempting to just keep marching forwards but looking back ensures that you learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. This approach of review, adjustment and continuous improvement is something Streamline believes is core to business success, get in touch if you would like some support to review your business and build a plan to transform it in 2019.
Wishing you all a great start to the New Year - cheers!

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