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How can Streamline Legal support your firm’s transformation?

We are a results driven business and project consultancy, focussed on providing legal solutions to our clients and partners.
We don’t just provide the skills you need, we take responsibility for sorting out your biggest challenges and help you achieve your goals.
  • We start with you - your people, your clients and your firm. Technology is part of what we do but our approach puts your business and people at the heart of the solution.
  • We are experienced in delivering transformation projects in the legal sector. We have encountered all types of challenges so have the skills and experience to get your projects and programmes off to a great start and keep them on track.
  • Our skills cover the full delivery lifecycle, from product selection through to implementation, and transition into ‘Business as Usual’ services. We focus on areas such as user testing and engagement, underpinned by communication, to deliver your complete solution.
  • We like to work in an agile way, which enables you to see results quickly, try things out and get your users involved in the project delivery. What this really means is that we are flexible and will shape your project to whatever you need.
  • We are experienced in the implementation of solutions commonly used in the legal sector – document management, practice management, print solutions to name but a few, and understand the skills needed to implement them successfully.
  • We have a network of partners that we can call upon to provide specialist skills at short notice, giving you the benefits of a large supplier team while maintaining the personal touch that a smaller firm can provide.

How can we help?

Do you have the capacity and capability to deliver your project?
Delivery Accelerator can deliver quicker results for you
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Have you got the time and skills available to deliver major business change, to co-ordinate multiple suppliers and find specialist resources?
Want to manage your projects and programmes in-house?
Skills Boost can provide the skills you need, when you need them
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Even with an in-house team, it can be difficult to align your resources to project peaks and troughs. We can take on small pieces of work to keep your delivery on track.
New technology presents a risk, as well as an opportunity
Technical Toolkit ensures that the right solution is implemented, first time
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Your new system looks great in the demo, but how will it integrate with your existing systems? The technical implementation needs to be watertight.
Concerned about disruption to your business, staff and clients?
Business Accelerator enables your business to thrive during transition
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Business change can be disruptive. Project delivery and transition is smoother when you plan how you engage and communicate with your users.
Are you getting the benefits you expect from your new system?
Benefits Boost enables you to get the most from your investment
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It could be something as simple as system configuration, or a training gap. Whatever the reason, if you are not seeing the return you expect, we can help.
Do you have lots of IT issues and unsure what to fix first?
Healthcheck provides the information you need to get back on track
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A complex IT estate is difficult to get right. A fresh view can assess the landscape, prioritise issues and work with you to develop a recovery plan.


We approach each engagement by listening to you, understanding what you need to succeed and delivering with your goals in mind.
Our pricing strategy reflects our delivery focus, we are happy to commit to fixed price or can offer time and materials if you prefer. We offer flexibility in our arrangements aligned to the needs of your delivery. We are happy to undertake small consulting engagements as well as larger implementations – why not get in touch to see how we could help you succeed?